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2022 • Driftwood • Solo Guitar

"a work of originality and shimmering beauty. Highly recommended." - Vivascene (​Read More Reviews)

Driftwood Album Cover Art by Ben Lahring


1. Lullaby for My Love (Liona Boyd)

2. Bound by Shadows (William Beauvais)

3. El Testament d'Amelia (Traditional Catalan arr. Miguel Llobet)

4. Firstborn of the Dead - the garden (Ben Lahring)

5. Firstborn of the Dead - the curse (Ben Lahring)

6. Firstborn of the Dead - the promise (Ben Lahring)

7. Searching for a Chorale (Seymour Bernstein)

8. A Closed World of Fine Feelings and Grand Design (Graeme Koehne)

9. Over the Pacific (Ben Lahring)

10. Driftwood (Ben Lahring)

11. Fair Winds and Following Seas (Ben Lahring)



2012 • My Stage • Solo Guitar

"Fabulous! Thank you! Best "Cavatina" ever." - Michael Chapdelaine, guitarist (​Read More Reviews)

My Stage (2012) Album Cover


1. Prelude, BWV 1007 (J.S. Bach)

2. Spatter the Dew (arr. David Russell)

3. The Fair Haired Boy - Three Little Drummers (arr. David Russell)

4. Neil Gow's Lament for the Death of His Second Wife (arr. David Russell)

5. Puppy Dance (Ben Lahring)

6. Danza Brasilera (Jorge Morel)

7. Milonga (Jorge Cardoso)

8. Natalia (Antonio Lauro)

9. Spanish Fantasy (Philip Moran)

10. Asturias (Isaac Albeniz)

11. Cavatina (Stanley Myers)

12. Recuerdos de la Alhrambra (Francisco Tarrega)

13. A la Nanita Nana (Segundo Cueva Celi arr. Ben Lahring)

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